Roberto Gaxiola Duarte

Polaroid Portrait by Yasma Alkoraishi

Roberto Gaxiola Duarte - Post Production & Advertising Editorial Photography + Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco

Hailing from the close-knit community of Brawley, CA Roberto has emerged as a multifaceted visual artist, seamlessly blending the artistry of photography with the technical finesse of post-production. Born with a natural curiosity and an innate desire to tell stories, Roberto has cultivated a unique skill set that encompasses both the art of capturing moments and the meticulous craft of refining them through post-production techniques.

From the early days of experimenting with a basic camera gifted by his Father, Roberto discovered a profound passion for storytelling through imagery. The small-town charm provided a canvas for him to explore and document the nuanced narratives that unfolded within the community. As he delved deeper into the world of photography, Roberto recognized the transformative power of post-production in elevating visual storytelling to new heights.
Equipped with a thirst for knowledge, Roberto pursued formal education in both photography and post-production. His journey took him beyond the borders of Brawley to immerse himself in diverse environments, gaining valuable insights and refining his technical expertise. However, no matter where his travels took him, Roberto remained anchored to his small-town roots, understanding the significance of preserving and celebrating local stories.

In the realm of post-production, Roberto has mastered the art of enhancing visual narratives, using editing tools to emphasize emotions, mood, and atmosphere. His portfolio showcases not only the moments he captured but also the carefully crafted stories that emerged during the post-processing phase. This dual expertise positions him uniquely to impart a comprehensive understanding of the entire photographic process.

His small-town background has instilled in him a sense of community, and he believes in empowering individuals to tell their stories authentically.

His journey is a testament to the idea that even in the most modest of settings, stories unfold waiting to be captured and refined.
+1 (415) 699-4106
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